Malapraxith the Mad

Every dragon thinks it is invincible, a power to be feared and respected by all others it encounters, and Malapraxith was, if anything more than sterotypical in this belief. So it was that the young red dragon on finding a fey crossing and the means to use it journeyed into the Feywild to seek a lair from which he could venture forth into th Middle World (aka Prime Material Plane) and perhaps he would have fared well enough if he did not encounter a powerful and mischeivous Korred Dancecaller.

Now Malapraxith is entirely mad, driven into that state by the unending tunes fo the Dancecaller in his mind he is now unable to tell reality from the fevered imaginings of his brain, and so he attacks buildings and people alike, fliting about the battlefield in a mad dance.

(Note Malapraxith was created as the MM3 rules were being previewed and so may not match current damage expressions, and is also thus formated the old way as well.)

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