Fantastic Terrain Reference

Last night my players had a choice of going to the Shadowfell or going to the Feywild. I prepped the Feywild. They went to the Shadowfell. So I had to put together something on the spot essentially (the results of which will be up later this week made into a full paragon encounter).

I wanted to use Fantastic Terrain to make the encounter different, but the Fantastic Terrain isn’t in any of the digital tools and is scattered over many books making it nigh impossible to do quickly. But here @KatoKatonian came to the rescue with his awesome reference list.

Go check out the (Mostly) Comprehensive List of Fantastic Terrain he has created here.


  1. Kato Katonian

    Glad you found it useful! There’s a lot of really neat Fantastic Terrain spread across the different supplements and I figured I wasn’t the only one out there that needed a good index.

  2. ObsidianCrane

    I think that inability to find the terrain (and hazards for that matter) is why I so rarely use them at all. Your efforts are much appreciated.

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