Crone and Korred

A storm rages overhead as ogres and eladrin prance around the swampy clearing.

Encounter Level 13 (4100xp)

This encounter concludes a series of encounters featuring creatures that have been “touched” by the Feywild and the power of a Korred in particular. Korred are small dwarf-like fey that drive other creatures into a mad dance, and they have a template associated with them in DMG2.

Setting And Tone:

  • A storm rages overhead illuminating the swampy clearing in flashes of lightning and earth shaking thunder.
  • Madness is key to the tone and theme of the encounter. Kriorince, the korred, has driven the eladrin and ogres mad, so their actions are capering and prancing to its song rather than calculated tactical assaults on the PCs.

Terrain and Illumination:

  • Illumination: A storm rages over head and so the only light is dim, or provided by flashes of lightning.
    The area is dimly lit unless the PCs bring light.
  • Swamp: The large area of greyish water counts as a swamp.
    Difficult terrain for all creatures without swamp walk.
  • Large Group of Stones: Are difficult terrain where marked, and blocking terrain for medium and small creatures otherwise. They are difficult terrain for large creatures in all squares.
  • Fallen Tree: An old moss covered tree half buried in the swamp.
    Difficult terrain as indicated on the map by triangles.
  • Trees around Edge: These trees represent thick underbrush rather than full trees.
    They are difficult terrain, except on the very edge of the map where they are blocking terrain to creatures without forest walk (for whom they are difficult).
  • Small Menhirs: Small stones set upright in the swampy ground they are carved with eldritch symbols.
    These create a Fey Crossing that can be used to return to the middle world with the Fey Passage ritual. They can provide cover for small creatures, and are blocking terrain. A creature adjacent to a menhir can spend a minor action while to teleport 5 squares.
  • Fey Altar: A massive grey stone set upon two other stones it is carved with eldritch symbols.
    Is blocking terrain for small and medium creatures and difficult terrain for large creatures. Small or Medium Creatures gain cover from creatures on the opposite side of the altar from them. A creature adjacent to the alter can spend a minor action to teleport 5 squares.

Monsters, Traps, and Hazards:

  • (1) Kriorince – Korred Dancecaller. Kriorince appears to be more beard and hair than anything else, yet all around him is heard the most enchanting music.
  • (1) Rueain – Bog Hag. Rueain appears to be a beautiful Eladrin woman with flowing silver hair, and cold blue eyes dressed in leather armor.
  • (2) Cyclops Shaker – a powerfully built cyclops armed with a massive spiked club.
  • (4) Eladrin Maddened Blades – a number of Eladrin of both genders in an array of clothing and armor, they are all armed with a longsword. They appear to be dancing through the clearing.
  • (2) Feymaddened Ogres – these ogres howl and caper about the clearing bashing trees, splashing puddles and so on with their clubs, they appear to leap from place to place with alarming alacrity.
  • There are no traps or hazards.
  • For Four Players: Reduce the Cyclops and Ogre’s Hit Points to 100 each.
  • For Six Players: Add a second Bog Hag.


Kriorince, Rueain and the cyclopses are in full command of their abilities and use them to make the most of the situation. The cyclopses try to knock PCs over and hold them up while Rueain dodges in and out of combat. Kriorince tries to keep as many enemies in his aura as he can, but tries to avoid direct physical confrontation, instead depending on the more melee orientated monsters to defend him. The eladrin and ogres make attacks of opportunity usually focusing on the closest enemy, but with little tactical regard for trying to lock down the most dangerous enemy.

Ending the Encounter

While the ogres and eladrin fight to the death, and the cyclopses will fight until they are the only remaining monsters, Rueain and Kriorince can be bargained with should the PCs so desire. The two will also make pacts with PCs that are beaten to achieve their own ends both inside the Feywild and in the world. The nature of such pacts is left to the DM as is what greater power these two serve.


  • 2 mithral bracelets from the feywild (worth 200 GP each)
  • An idol inscribed with elven runes (worth 100 GP)
  • Slick Armor +3 worn by Rueain.


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