Trollhound: Level 5 Soldier

The first in what I intend to be an ongoing series of posts, each of which will feature a monster that originally appeared in Dragon Magazine in either 2E or 3E format (or possibly both). Due to copyright I will not reproduce the whole original article, but will supply enough information to use the monsters.

Original Source: Dragon 199 (November 1993)


A trollhound looks like a large, ugly worg or small dire wolf with black pits for eyes. Most trollhounds stand between 4′ and 6′ at the shoulder and bulge with thick muscles and tendons. The skin of a trollhound is a vile mix of violet, gray and green with patches of coarse spike black or gray hair. The lips, tongue and teeth of trollhounds are inky black. They always smell of waste, death and decay.


Trollhounds are fearless, ravenous canines that prey upon anything they can catch. They prefer live prey over carrion, but are not unwilling to eat corpses. These fierce animals usually hunt in packs of 4-24 and have a strict heirachy apparently based on sent. They also have a great affinity for trolls, and are often found as watchdogs in the lairs of smatter trolls.


Trollhounds use simple pack tactics, in particular they hunt by having one or more members of the pack lock onto their prey hindering its ability to both fight and flee while other members of the pack harrass the target.






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  1. Alphastream

    Very nice! Thanks! The filth fever addition is a fun touch.

  2. Kilsek

    Cool monster! Savage humanoid races’ favorite animal-like pets or guardians monsters are excellent for rounding out the feel and challenge of a savage humanoid encounter. And I love anything troll, giant or wolf-related! Again, nicely done, and good find from Dragon.

  3. ObsidianCrane

    Glad you enjoyed it, there is so much cool stuff in those old Dragon mags, and the biggest problem with using it is changes in the rules.

    The hard part of this endeavour will be devising new rules where the match up isn’t quite as obvious as the Trollhound made it.

  4. The Id DM

    Great idea! I look forward to the monsters in the future.

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