You Are In The Tarrasque

The Tarrasque is one of those DnD monsters that has become part of the mythology of the game, a giant dinosaur like thing that consumes and destroys everything, a beast everything must fear. The problem with the Tarrasque, by and large, is that at level 30 it is a campaign ending kind of foe, and lets face it the MM1 version of the Tarrasque leaves a lot to be desired. Now SlyFlourish pimped the Tarrasque back in November 2010, and he made a solid adaption of the 3E monster block to 4E rules, but to me his adaptation is too literal from the 3E version, it also is still a level 30 monster.

The first thing I did is lower the level of the Tarrasque to 24, this makes it a possible capstone encounter for the paragon tier. There are many ways that the creature can be used in campaigns, but to me if the Tarrasque turns up and is battled and returned to slumber and that is all it does, why bother using it. Instead the Tarrasque needs to feature in the campaign, and Paragon is the time when the characters are saving their nation, or continent, and so on, and to these things the Tarrasque (even with the level 30 version) is an appropriate threat in a narrative sense. The characters can spend a significant portion of the tier dealing with the consequences of the creature rampaging and trying to get it to go somewhere else, until at last they are powerful enough to confront it and destroy it. The Tarrasque shouldn’t be just another monster.

Now in looking at the stat block it is apparent that I have changed the name to “Tarrasque Spawn”, and the reason for this is to allow for an even bigger and badder version of the Tarrasque to be out there. The Tarrasque itself is supposed to be able to destroy the whole world, and so it should be well beyond the scale of gargantuan, it should be able to eat this level 24 one in a gulp and not notice, mere weapons and spells shouldn’t even be noticed by it. Defeating the true Tarrasque should be an epic feat suitable to end your Epic campaign. The Tarrasque should rampage across the planes consuming astral domains, chunks of the Abyss and Hells and generally being something that if it isn’t stopped will destroy everything. So I made its spawn; a creature that doesn’t just eat people it eats their town as well. An engine of destruction that leaves only ruin in its wake, but that is an appropriate threat for Paragon characters to rise to the challenge of vanquishing.



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  1. Ameron

    Thank you so much for showing the Tarrasque some love. This has always been one of my favourite monsters and it just hasn’t received the 4e attention it deserves (as we discussed in M.I.A. – The Tarrasque
    ). The idea of a Tarrasque spawn is great. This is something I can see myself using in a campaign without it being the ultimate, final boss like the Tarrasque in the MM. Good job!

  2. ObsidianCrane

    Glad you liked it!

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