The Key of Neverwinter

I’m pleased to welcome @Brindy, one of Scotlands finest D&D players to the Got Loot blogfest. I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with Brindy, and you should definately check out the work he’s done to take iPlay4e into a proper iOS app. Without further ado, I’ll let Brindy present to you…

The Key of Neverwinter

Add some more mystery and investigation to your Neverwinter campaign by introducing the following artifacts, which together form the Key of Neverwinter, a magical key that can unlock a magically sealed safe or sub-vault containing the fabled Crown of Neverwinter.

The key is made up of the following four parts which only become the Key of Neverwinter once physically combined.  Even while combined, the individual artifacts still retain their powers and abilities.

Weave the key in to your campaign however you see fit.  You could scatter the four parts within your campaign to be discovered at random, or perhaps certain NPCs in your campaign have a piece each and will need to be convinced to release them.   Maybe some NPCs don’t realise the power of the key once completed while perhaps some maybe seeking its constituent pieces.

For instance, it would be ironic for Lord Dagult Neverember to award part of the key to a PC for completing some arduous task, when no doubt Neverember would have used the key himself to hide or destroy the crown, thus preventing a true heir from being identified.  Conversely, perhaps Neverember discovers that the PCs have part of the key and then sets out to claim it from them for his own nefarious purposes.

The individual pieces allude that there is more to these items than just being simple magical artifacts, so don’t be too quick to reveal this is the key which opens the crown’s safe or vault – the PCs may not even be aware that this its purpose until they find the safe or vault in question and make the connection.  Likewise, don’t prevent the PCs from selling the artifacts to later discover they need them – the buy back price might be considerably more than what they received for the artifact(s) triggering some roleplaying or maybe an adventure involving some stealthy thievery.
Together, the artifacts create a powerful item with various abilities.  As such, you may feel this is overpowered.  Options here include making the key lose its powers and abilities once combined physically, its only function then being that of allowing access to the crown.  Or perhaps once the key is used to access the Crown of Neverwinter, it is consumed or becomes dormant.

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