Berymar’s Bazaar

Situated off the main market square, beyond the gypsy peddlers and the halfling fire ale merchants drunk on their own wares, is a dirty, decrepit stall, one side always looking like it’s about to collapse. In front of it sit’s a old, battered and scarred dwarf, with a shock of bright red hair. Getting closer to the stall, you can see that it’s almost empty except for a few grubby items. The angry faced dwarf sits upon a barrel and seems to be chewing out the young child who is stood before him.

“Hey… Youngster… Do you want to earn yourself a shiny bronze piece… There, I knew you’d be interested…

Here, have that coin, I’ve got plenty, and there’s a few more for you if you can run me an errand. I’m after a few things, you know, a few everyday materials that a young lad like you can find while on his way through life. What do you say, 2 gold pieces for you to go buy yourself a fine sword, and a silver piece for each item on my list?


First up, I need some amber. What is it? Don’t tell me I gave a shiny coin to an imbecile. Amber is the sticky sap of a tree. I need some powdered amber, from the greenvise plant. I hear there’s quite an infestation of the plant on the Gardmore Downs…

Then I need some spiced oil. Not cooking oil you fool, spiced oil, made from the pressed berries of the Fagara bush. Yes, the fagara, the same bush that grows in the swamps of T’u Lung where the bullywugs live. Don’t tell me a lad like you is scared of a few frogs?

Lastly I need some asafoetida roots. Its a fucking plant, that’s what it fucking is. A fucking stinking plant, that I need about a ton of, but i’m sure you can ‘acquire’ a cart to bring it on. They better not be bruised, I don’t want to loose any of their precious milky juice.

Bring them back to me as soon as you can, I need to fulfil an order for Sandburg… If you are lucky, i’ll give you one of what they have ordered… If you’re unlucky, i’ll test it out on you instead…”

As the child runs off, the dwarf notices you, wipes his hands on his vest, pulls out a complex looking smoking pipe and points it at you… ‘The names Berymar Dragonbane, and i’ll be stocking whatever you need, whether or not you need it.’

Bug Repellent
“This ointment might stink with the swamp it came from, but it’ll protect you from the effects of insects and other dangerous swarms.”
Level 6, 200gp
Power (Consumable):
Drink this potion and use a healing surge. You do not regain any hit points, but gain a +2 to all defences’ against attacks made by creatures with the swarm keyword until the end of the encounter.

Potion of Delusion
“Found in many forms, and tasting and looking like the more common potions, the drinker of this can be convinced that they are under the effects of another potion.”
Level 3, 50 gp
Power (Consumable):
Whoever drinks the contents of this potion suffers a -2 to their Will defence until the end of the encounter.

Potion of Freedom
“The warmth of this liquid spreads quickly to your legs, allowing you to keep moving.”
Level 6, 200gp
Power (Consumable):
Drink this potion and use a healing surge. You do not regain any hit points, but until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 power bonus to saves against the slowed and immobilized conditions.

Scroll of Spell Catching
“The sigils upon this scroll are designed to capture and store the power of arcane attacks”
Level 3-340gp, level 8-1700gp, level 13-8500gp, level 18-42500gp, level 23-212500gp, level 28-1062500gp
Power (Consumable): Immediate Interrupt.
Trigger: You are hit by an attack with the arcane keyword.
Effect: If the Attack is of a level equal to, or below the level of the scroll, the attack deals half damage to you and you capture the attack within the scroll. You can only capture one arcane attack with the scroll.
Power (Consumable): Standard Action.
You expend this scroll and make an attack using the arcane attack captured in the scroll. The attack roll is equal to the level of the scroll.
Special: Using this item counts as a use of a magic item daily power.

Scroll of Analysis
“Items placed upon this scrolls blank surface are detected and analysised.”
Level 3-350gp
Power (Consumable): Free Action
Make a Hard DC arcana check with a +5 bonus. If the check succeeds, you know all the enhancements, properties and powers of the magic item. If the check fails, you know its enhancement, and one of its properties.

Scroll of Mapping
“When held in your hand, this scroll magically re-draws your steps and location, mapping your progress through the dungeon.”
Level 3-150gp
Power (Consumable): Free Action
The scrolls effect last for the next 3 encounters or until the next extended rest, whichever is shorter. While the scroll is active, it draws a rough map of any area the user visits.

Scroll of Truth
“Commonly found in the possession of followers of Bahamut, this scroll can accurately determine the truth.”
Level 2-100gp
Power (Consumable): Free Action
The scrolls identifies if the answer to a single question is true or false.

Crystal Mask
“This intricate, sparkling mask covers the wearers eyes and forehead, improving their vision, while distracting their foes”
Level 6, 1800gp, Head
Property: The wearer gains a +2 to perception checks.
Power (Daily): Minor Action
Target: One creature in Ranged 10
Effect: The target grants combat advantage to the next creature that attacks it before the end of your next turn.

Amulet of the Enclosed Brain
“At the end of this simple silver chain is a vial containing a tiny brain, which pulses when around psionic’s.”
Level 3-680gp, level 8-3400gp, level 13-17000gp, level 18-8500gp, level 23-42500gp, level 28-212500gp, Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, Will
Property: When you are hit by an attack with the psychic keyword, the attacker takes psychic damage equal to the items enhancement bonus.


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  1. Richard Green

    Very cool items. Wondering of the potion of freedom should give +2 on saves vs being immobilised too?

    What does Berymar pull out of his vest? A smoking pipe or is there a word missing?



  2. symatt

    Richard. Its a Smoking Pipe, not a smoking pipe. geeze..
    Any way like the dwarf, not the use of the swear word. not very reader friendly.
    “wolves blood boy. listen to what i’m saying”

  3. Richard Green

    I had a Latin teacher who used to put his still-smoking pipe in his top pocket and thereby scorch his jacket. Those were the days….

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