Berymar Dragonbane

Berymar Dragonbane by @symatt

Berymar Dragonbane is an enigma, tucked away in a back alley of Fallcrest, and rarely seen to leave the hovel, the collection of barrels and boxes, and shreds of fabric that he calls his shop. And yet, he has to hand a variety of mundane and magical items that demonstrate the wealth and contacts that he accumulated during his years as an adventurer.

A former compatriot of Gorgac Ironheart, and Thorain Axefist, the band of 3 dwarves were renowned upon the coastal ports as much for their dragon slaying as they were for their consumption of alcohol. The group adventured together for over 18 years, before parenthood claimed the time of Gorgac, and a better paying role as a dungeon designer claimed Thorain. Berymar at the time, was known as Berymar Stonepounder, but it was in his solo career that he earned the title of Dragonbane, slaying the 5 chromatic dragons that plagued the Nentir Vale, but the fits left him an old and scarred man, his body broken and torn by the dragons claws. It is said that his legs were snapped like twigs and he dragged himself across the Gardmore Down on his finger tips, the dragons hoard stuffed into a sack that he held in his teeth. Regardless of the truth, Berymar Dragonbane was born, and made a living recounting his tales in the ale houses of the Nentir Vale.

But even infamy does not last, and as younger heroes told of ridding the ruins of death cults, and exploring ancient minotaur labyrinths, Berymar found himself homeless, and forced to sell his treasures to survive. And who better to trade with than young foolish heroes, idiots who will buy the items that no self respecting warrior or mage would touch…

Berymar Dragonbane Stats


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    Nice story and creature :)

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