Lady Kristryl Brightsilver

Lady Kristryl is the second child of the Brightsilver family, and in her parents view a feckless and fey youth given to wandering aimlessly. She is undeniably a beautiful dwarven lass, a rare treasure in that regard, but at the same time she has been marked by Kord and is infused with sorcerous powers, especially magic that creates thunder. Due to this few in the clanholds can stand to stare into her eyes, which dance with lightning,  and so she remains unmarried.

Kristryl is a beautiful dwarven lass, with clear skin, fine (by dwarven standards) features, lustrous brown hair and strikingly blue eyes. Her hair is braided in the Brightsilver style, but unlike the usual silver rings that adorn members of the clanhold’s hair, her hair is held with rings of white oak. (It was found when she was a child that putting metal in her hair was particularly disastrous.) Kristryl dresses in fine clothing, often in rich blues with gold details, though she is wearing sturdy boots for travelling, she also has less practical shoes for when she is not “on the road”.

The one thing that makes Kristryl stand out from other dwarves (usually at least) is her constant companion Sharp. He is a magpie, about half the size of a common raven he flies around her, flitting from one perch to another, or landing on the ground and strutting about. He is quite the cocky bird, and often warbles and clacks his beak until Kristryl either feeds him or sings a snippet of song. Perhaps the bird would have been driven off some time ago, but he is terribly protective of Kristryl, treating her like another bird and will swoop at the face of those who threaten her regardless of their size or ferocity (if anything the more ferocious the more likely to be swooped).

While Kristryl is unusually bright and happy for a dwarf, with a ready smile and rare frowns, she is still a determined young lady. Others see her as frivolous and whimsical, especially with the comic sight of Sharp strutting around her warbling for treats of jerky or fresh meat, but Kristryl still has that dwarven grit and stubbornness, and when she is angry she is every bit the typical dwarf.


  • Training in Bluff is representative of her ability to spin a tale, sing, and play instruments more than it is outright deception, though she is familiar with deception as well.
  • Her Hawk companion has been refluffed as an Australian Magpie, a songbird that reaches a foot or more in length (30-37cm) and that is well-known for attacking humans (during nesting season). They are also clever and omnivorous, and though in the real world they don’t domesticate “its magic”.
  • Future Feats: Superior Implement Proficiency: Accurate Dagger (instead of Expertise as there is no expertise for daggers as implements) & Unarmoured Defence
  • Due to very low defenses this character really wants to stay out of melee.
  • Mark of Storm requires you hit with a power, this means you can hit with Static Charge and slide enemies adjacent to each other to trigger the bonus Charisma damage.

Character Summary

Kristryl Brightsilver
Race: Shield Dwarf (Light Shield Proficiency)
Class: Sorcerer (Air Elementalist) Level: 1
Background: Parentage – Noble (+2 to Diplomacy)
Theme: Animal Master (Hawk)
Alignment: Good

STR 10 +0 CON 16 +3
DEX 11+0 INT 10 +0
WIS 10 +0 CHA 18 +4

Defences: AC: 14 Fort: 13 Ref: 11 Will: 16
Health: HP: 28 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 7
Initiative: +0
Senses: Low-Light Vision, Passive Insight: 15 Passive Perception 10

Trained: Arcana +5, Athletics +5, Bluff +9, Insight +5

Untrained: Acrobatics +0, Diplomacy +6, Dungeoneering +2, Endurance +5, Heal +0, History +0, Intimidate +4, Nature +0, Perception +0, Religion +0, Stealth +2, Streetwise +4, Thievery +2

Attack Powers
Energy Bolt
Static Charge
Elemental Escalation
Distracting Attack (Animal Master)

Utility Powers
Dwarven Resilience (Racial)

Mark of Storm

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, a bedroll, flint and steel, a belt pouch, two sunrods, ten days’ worth of trail rations, 50 feet of hempen rope, and a waterskin), Flute, Fine Clothing, Lantern, Oil (10 pints), Light Shield, Dagger

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