Midgard 4E Bestiary

You may be sick of the word “Kickstarter”, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this post.

A book that I contributed to (in a very small way, but I’ll take what I can!) has a Kickstarter. It is a Bestiary for 4E, containing 150 monsters, including classic monsters from the Midgard campaign world from its various 4E publications as well as conversions of a lot of the monsters that appear in the Pathfinder Midgard Bestiary. The Bestiary is already written, edited, and illustrated and the Kickstarter is just to cover final production and printing costs. The Kickstarter has actually reached its goal so the PDF and the book will definitely be released. Hopefully it will make its stretch goals and everybody will get even more stuff (we all love stuff, right?).

My contribution was a high level monster called the Faegr, which I am very proud of as well as some conversions of Pathifnder monsters for the bonus PDFs. ObsidianCrane contributed the Feycursed – a Level 10 Solo Controller with a passion…

The monsters have been fully playtested (including by me as I ran sessions with nothing but combat, to try and stress test them) and would be a great addition to the armoury of any 4E DM. If you are interested in getting a PDF or a physical copy of the book, head over to its kickstarter page and pledge away!

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