Announcing the “Classics Return” Blog Carnival

I have a way of dropping myself into the deep end of D&D projects, from the UK D&D Tweetups, to the Island of Dread fan gazetteer i’m working on. What started as an idea for a mage school for lycanthropes evolved into some Ravenloft character options, and from there, the idea for a blog carnival.

The “Classic Return” blog carnival will run over the course of Gencon, and we hope it will give fans of D&D 4e, especially those with reservations about the current public version of D&D Next a chance to demonstrate their love for 4e by producing new content for the game.

The theme, as you can guess by the title, is based around classic D&D settings that have been ignored in D&D 4e. Whether you have ideas on new goblin tribes based on the goblins from the Yazak Steppes from the Red Steel campaign setting, or a new Shadowfell domain of dread that originated in Ravenloft, or you want to present your ideas on adventuring in the Pomarj in Greyhawk, we want your contribution.

You might want to show us a new race, or give us an ecology of article, you might show off your monster building skills, or give us new feats or themes to highlight the skills a player character from your chosen campaign word would have. And thats ok, we love the varied fan content!

As an incentive, at the end of the blog carnival, the 4 writers for DailyEncounter, myself, ObsidianCrane, DigitalDraco and PaulBaalham will review the submissions and chose a winner, who’ll receive a $10 gift ceritficate for RPGNow. If we receive 15 or more entries to the carnival, we’ll pick a second prize winner, who’ll get a $5 gift certificate. To ensure all entries are judged fairly, all we ask is that you limit youself to 1 entry into the blog carnival with a 2000 word limit.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re interested, give us your name in the comments below.


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  1. BlindGeekUK

    Already, we’ve got myself, ObsidianCrane, PaulBaalham and RichGreen interested in contributing. Thats a potential 8000 new words of material for D&D 4e!

  2. ObsidianCrane

    Someone better come along and give Rich some competition for the money!

  3. Richard Green

    Hi Adam,

    When do you need the article by?


  4. BlindGeekUK

    Articles should be emailed to me at adam@leedsdnd.co.uk by the 14th August, unless you want to host it on your own blog, in which case, email me when the blog post goes live so we can link to it.

  5. Neuroglyph

    Interesting idea, I’ll have to come up with something pre-GenCon however, as my schedule is going to be pretty darn tight during the “best four days of gaming”. As one of those bloggers with serious reservations about D&D Next, you might want to check out my blog with an alternative to WotC’s plan to force yet another edition on the community.

  6. T.W.Wombat

    I’m in. I’ll get you the link when it’s live.

    And a competition, no less? Bring it on. Though keeping myself to 2000 words will be a challenge.

  7. catastrophe

    Sure, I’ll send you something by the deadline. I’m not really interested in the prize, though.

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