Bones Size Comparison

I saw some searches looking for a size comparisons for the Reaper Bones miniatures and so I thought I would supply a quick image for reference. Now I don’t have any human sized Bones miniatures yet, but the miniatures are standard Reaper sizes and are comparable to most miniatures lines.

From left to right this image features; Games Workshop LotR Gandalf, Reaper Bones Ogre Chieftain on Warmachine 50mm base, WotC Flesh Golem from the Ravenloft board game, WotC Skeleton from the Ravenloft board game, Reaper Chammady Drovenge and a WotC Astral Giant.

As you can see the Ogre is comparable to the human sized monsters and looks suitably large, but against the WotC monsters the Ogre is a little small looking. I think this is more a symptom of the WotC monsters just being so big. The Reaper Ogre just wouldn’t stand up to the WotC ogres, mind you the WotC Ogres ended up being larger than their earlier Hill Giants, so that isn’t really a problem.

This picture features the Bones Ogre, Reaper 02025 Kain Swiftblade, WotC Ravenloft Ranger, GW LotR Gandalf, Reaper Bones; Kobold, Gnoll and Troll.

As you can see the bones miniatures look appropriately sized against the other minis for what they are supposed to be, and this gives you an idea of different existing sculpts in proportion to each other as well. It is worth nothing that the Gnoll based in this format just fits inside a 1″ square, he could be rebased onto a 1″ square, but would need to be cut from his existing base.


Based on the models I have from Reaper, both metal and plastic, I expect this to be indicative of the products in the Bones Kickstarter. Human sized models will be a very good match for the rest of the Reaper line and the WotC humans. Creatures like the Black Orcs will be quite large (nearly as big as the Ogre here) but have bases that just squeeze into a 1″ square and creatures like the giants will be appropriately massive models (making even their WotC counterparts look scrawny).


Note on Red Box Games Minis

Just because I’ve been looking at them a lot recently due to their KS I thought I might mention that the Red Box minis are comparable in scale to the GW LotR range. So slightly smaller than Reaper but still perfectly compatible to give you a good range of options in models.

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