D&D’s past is about to return…

Gencon, the best 4 days in gaming is almost upon us, and with it, the Classics Return blog festival.

Here at Daily Encounter, we’re hoping that D&D fans of all editions will submit articles to us bringing items, adventures, races, themes, skills and powers that are missing from the previous editions of the game into D&D 4th Edition.

With such a rich history from nearly 40 years of D&D, we are sure we will see some great articles, and those who submit an entry stand a chance to win a $10 gift card to RPGNow.


Todays sample of the kind of content we’d like to see as part of the Classics Return blog festival is inspired by the old 2e kits. While 4e themes can be considered a re-imaginingĀ of kits, I want to present them as a different style…

Background: Tribal Warrior
Most gathering of humanoids band themselves into groups based on family and skill, be they primitive human tribes, dwarven clans, or goblin hordes. And these tribal groupings must protect themselves from the dangers of the world in which they live. Proud tribal defenders form the backbone of every society, forming the base for militias that p[rotect the kingdom, and the armies that expand the tribes influence. Usually the strongest of the able bodied members of a tribe, these warriors are rarely assigned with the daily tasks of keeping the tribe feed and sheltered, and instead are taught to fight.
Associated Skills: Athletics, Intimidate

Feat: Tribal Expertise
Pre-req: Tribal Warrior Background
Having trained hard to protect the tribe, you have become an expert at the weapon with which your race favours.
Benefit: Choose one weapon with which you are proficient. You gain a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with that weapon. Increase the bonus to +4 if you are using the weapon to protect another member of your race.

Feat: Tribal Homeland
Pre-req: Tribal Warrior Background
Your tribe has lived and worked the land in which you were born for generations, and you know every inch of your homeland as if it was the back of your own hand.
Benefit: You gain a +1 feat bonus to skill checks made when you are in your tribes homeland.

Feat: Tribal Crafts
Pre-req: Tribal Warrior Background
Your reputation as a defender of the tribe has spread widely, and though your tribe is now scattered amongst the various towns of the world, they know you and respect you.
Benefit: When trading with a member of your race and tribe, you pay only 50% of the listed price for an item, and can sell items for 50% rather than 20% of their original cost.

Feat: Tribal Skills
Pre-req: Tribal Warrior Background
When not training to defend the tribe, your volunteered to help rear the animals used by the clan, and to work in the forges to smith the items you use to fight with.
Benefit: You gain a +2 feat bonus to skill checks when foraging for food, training/controlling animals, building fires and repairing and sharpening weapons and armour.

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