A late start to the “Classics Return” Blog Carnival

Gencon has been and gone, and i’m only just putting up the front page for the Classics Return blog carnival… I’m afraid to say that I failed the D&D community with this one, with a lack of support for the blog carnival, and a lack of effort on my behalf to get the items uploaded and linked to.

My aim with the carnival was to show people commenting on Twitter about D&D 4e and D&D Next that the 4th edition of D&D wasn’t dead, that it still had plenty of fan support, and that more classic styled content was possible in such a great system.

To this end, I did a few sample articles:

My first had a look at the Orc as a playable race, giving the 3rd stat choice common since the launch of essentials, and adding flavour text based on the material from the Orcs of Thar gazetteer from Mystara/Basic D&D –  http://dailyencounter.net/2012/07/20/what-is-the-classics-return-blog-carnival/ – though I should have added feats and racial powers to really make this an article worth reading.

My second article, took its inspiration from the World of Greyhawk, mixing together lore and secret societies from that classic setting into a single secret society theme – http://dailyencounter.net/2012/07/27/another-classic/ – though as with the orcs article, it was incomplete, lacking the additional utility powers a theme should have.

It’s often said that 2e kits are the same as 4e themes. Personally, I disagree, and so my third article attempted to convert a kit from the Complete Book of Humanoids into a background and selection of feats – http://dailyencounter.net/2012/08/13/dds-past-is-about-to-return/ – though it lacked the fluff that i’ve been trying to add to all my articles recently.

My fourth article was one of the few i’ve actually enjoyed writing recently, and took its inspiration from the Complete Rangers Handbook, and presented notes about a rangers lifestyle to back up a feat which would bring back the Rangers favoured enemy/species enemy feature – http://dailyencounter.net/2012/08/14/a-return-of-a-classic-ranger/

My last preview article was based around the spell research material from the changes to 2e wrought by the Skills & Powers and Spells & Magic books. I’m quite pleased with the fluff in this article, but the crunch doesn’t really fit with it – http://dailyencounter.net/2012/08/15/a-return-to-spell-research-and-manipulation/

When the carnival actually started, originally the aim was to run content throughout gencon, but we failed that.

Our first article, a guest post by Rich Green, best known for his work on Open Design and Raging Swan books, gave us the Giff, a classic hippo-like race from Spelljammer. This was supported by the artistic talents of Symatt. While Rich has provided us with the racial features, and backgrounds, as well as new equipment, i’d love to see someone add feats and racial utility powers to this article – http://dailyencounter.net/2012/08/17/giff-return/

Resident mast of the Daily Encounter blog, ObsidianCrane, kept up the reputation of the DE authors, and took a look at updating the mass battle rules – http://dailyencounter.net/2012/08/19/the-dogs-of-war/

David Flor, aka BrainClouds, contacted us part way through the carnival, and asked if it was too late to submit something. A few hours later, he’d posted http://rpg.brainclouds.net/2012/08/17/go-for-the-eyes/. Presenting multiple variations of the Spelljammer Giant Space Hamster (including a Boo inspired animal companion), David has, as always, trumped most of the D&D community with great material, and excellent presentation.

TWWombat, resident link aggregator over at Gamer Assembly, is a BIG fan of the classic setting of Birthright (and he should be, Birthright was awesome) and as TWWombat always does, one little idea barrelled and cartwheeled out of control into the start of a series of posts about provinces, economies, and societal development – http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/08/classics-return-birthright-domains-in-4e.html

Finally, CatastropheGame, a name many would associate with being a troll of the #DnDNext hashtag, proves his love for D&D 4e, with his take on catastrophic Draconians from DragonLance. I was reading DragonLance before I got into D&D, so the setting, and the characters and races from it hold a special place in my heart, so to see someone give me more options for Draconians is great – http://elfgame.catastrophegames.com/MoM/Blog-Carnival-Catastrophic.pdf. He has joined good fluff, with good crunch, and my only criticism would be that i’d have given the Stoneguards the earthwalk ability.

So, whats still to come?

Carrying on the Dragonlance trend, I’ve been working on, but hadn’t finished, a Knights of Solamnia theme, and racial utility powers for Krynn’ish minotaurs.


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  1. Richard Green

    I think the Gen Con timing was a factor, and also the long pause between the initial posts about the carnival and the first post going up. But never mind! There’s been some great content posted and presumably it’s not too late to submit stuff? How about giving people until the end of the month to contribute? I, for one, would like to see some Planescape, Al-Qadim, Greyhawk, Kara-Tur and Maztica articles…..



  2. ObsidianCrane

    I’m sure Adam would be happy to keep seeing submissions as long as people want to make them, even if the original intent was for a shorter time frame.

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