Winter Is Coming: Frost Dwarves

Last year, I was proud to be a part of the Winter Is Coming blog carnival (http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2011/09/winter-is-coming-rpg-blog-festival.html), a week long series of articles from some of the finest in the RPG fan community related to both Game of Thrones and winter and the arctic in general. This year, Mark Meredith has taken up the mantle and organising a fortnight long blog carnival (http://dicemonkey.net/2012/10/30/winter-is-coming-ii-an-rpg-blog-carnival/). As with last year, I hope to be able to contribute a few articles.

My first is inspired by this mini, and the sub race options from the Neverwinter Campaign Setting: http://tritex-games.co.uk/store/product.php?id=1570

Frost Dwarves

The frozen winterlands of Nerath are home to primitive humanoid tribes, their faces hidden behind thick shaggy beards and dirty unwashed hair, their bodies covered in the furs and skins of the animals they hunt. In other places, deep on the glacial fields of frozen ice, sculpted into weird shapes by the elemnts are the pale skinned snow elves, as likely to kill you as they are to help you. But descend into the crevasses, and get beneath the layers of recently laid snow and ice, and you find the smooth carved tunnels of the dwarves.

Like most places in the world, the underground realms are the domain of the dwarves. Beneath the frozen surface are the same precious metals that the subterrainean dwellers mine the world over. But in this frigid wasteland are other materials with their own unique properties that the dwarves can utilize.

The dwarves who call the arctic realms their home are a hardy race, related by a common ancestry to the common hill and mountain dwarves, but unqiue adapted by milleninia of life within the snow. their bloodkin call them frost dwarves or glacier dwarves. Blue tinged skin, thick white beards, and a stubborn atitude to lifes hardships set these beings apart.

Frost Dwarf Benefits
When creating a frost dwarf, you can choose from the following benefits:

Cold Tolerance: Frost dwarves blood is thinner than normal, with natural hormones within it stopping it from freezing in the harsh cold environment they call home.
Benefit: You gain resist 5 to cold damage (or increase your cold resistance by 5). This resistance increase to 10 at level 11, and 15 at level 21. This benefit replaces Cast-Iron Stomach.

Glacial Life: Frost dwarves are ever vigilant for the natural hazards of life in the frozen wilderness, from partially hidden crevasses, to slopes on the verge of avalanche.
Benefit: You can ignore difficult terrain caused by ice or snow, and gain a +2 racial bonus to nature and perception skill checks when in an arctic enivronment. This benefit replaces Dwarven Weapon Training.

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  1. Alex

    Glacial dwarf cities would make for some awesome dungeons. You’d have all of the hazards of a typical cave & abandoned dwarf fortress, plus all of the hazards of anything made out of carved ice. Additionally, ice would make for an incredibly malleable environment.

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