TwitterTwitter continues to have a huge contribution to the marketing scene. It is one of the best platforms to campaign businesses, products, and even causes. Here, business entities and gurus are able to socialize and provide value to both entities under the same niche and their followers. However, building their followers list is not a fast process. To keep up with the competition, there are some who opted to buy Twitter followers.

Buying Twitter followers has become a popular marketing strategy to attract real followers. This is to create an image of credibility. Accounts with many followers are perceived as people who are respected and whose opinion matters. The more credible they seem, the more followers they get (real ones and not just fake). While this is a good strategy, account holders are advised not to buy Twitter followers much. This is a good kick start to their Twitter activity, but they should not depend on it too much. They also need to learn how to naturally attract followers.

If you have bought Twitter followers and are now working on gaining real ones naturally, here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Provide valuable tweets.

Your Twitter account may be widening your market reach, but if you want to retain and increase your followers you must provide them with valuable information. These are information that helps them solve problems related to your niche. For them you are considered an authority. Instead of plugging your latest product or services, given them helpful content. These may be from your own website or from someone else’s. You can also retweet someone’s posts which is related to yours niche. It may be from another entity which is considered your competition or not. Always think of your followers’ needs.

2. Mention other users or followers.

Mention other followers and users from time to time. If you posted an information shared by someone, mention your source. Don’t just send tweets in random. This will show that you are interacting with others in Tweeter, especially the gurus in your niche, and will introduce you to their followers too. This will increase your followers.

3. Do not post any dramatic statements.

Your Tweeter account is purely for professional use only. Refrain from posting emotional posts. You need to be an optimist and not a pessimist. Your followers need someone who can uplift them. People don’t like reading post that can give them a heavy heart. You should act like a professional even with your post.


4. Support others.

Buy TwitterOne of the most interesting activities in Twitter is how companies with related niches are helping each other. They, sometimes, endorse each other’s products. The goal here is to provide solution to their followers. Engaging in this creates good business relationships.

5. Be true.

Don’t be the opposite of what you post. Some people create healthier images of themselves although they really are the opposite. Your goal is to inspire and help people. That comes out naturally on your post if you practice what you preach.

6. Don’t unfollow people you’re already following.

Never unfollow a person you’re already following. People usually follow first before they can get any followers. After some time, when they already have the number of followers they want, they’d unfollow some. Don’t do this. It is best to start your Twitter connections by following people and organizations that already interests you. People usually unfollow to provide that guru-like status where they have more followers than those they are following. This is the reason why most people opt to buy Twitter followers before really working on gaining real ones.

7. Show your expertise.

tYou are being followed because you have something valuable to share. This shows your expertise in your niche. You have tips for your followers and solutions to their problems. Interact with them. If they follow you and ask you questions, answer them. Plan your posts according to their needs.

If you are planning to buy Twitter followers, then don’t forget to also practice these seven tips. Working on attracting followers naturally should start the moment you signed up for a Twitter account. This way, you will be able to enhance your credibility in your niche.