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Name: John Pope
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School teacher by day, gamer by night. I've been playing and running DnD and other RPGS since the early 80's, with occasional forrays into war games and card games. My focus games at the moment are DnD 5E, Relic Knights, Kings of War, Infinity and Warmachine/Hordes. Published Work: KQ Web Articles (Gray Warrior, Mountain Priest), Spycraft: Agents Sourcebook (example PC Rose)

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Challenging Encounters

I am running 2 5E campaigns at this time. One is set in my homebrew world and is using the Against the Slave Lords campaign, the other is Rise of Tiamat. The Slave Lords campaign is at 4th level now and the group (currently) consist of 2 Paladins, a Wizard, a Rogue (Arcane Trickster) and …

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Gods of Caedria

In establishing my setting the story of the three goddesses was a central element to the idea of the setting. The gods outside of those three were largely intended to reflect elements of the 4E pantheons and certain other things I specifically wanted in the setting. Corellon, Moradin and Bane were left unchanged as they …

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Fallen Principalities

For my Against the Slave Lords adaptation (which I’ll be bloging about after the players do parts of the adventure) this is the part of my setting that will double for the Wild Coast where the adventure starts in the original campaign. The area is only very loosely defined to give me flexibility to insert …

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Races of Caedria

 In creating the following list of races I wanted to reflect the history of the setting while keeping as much of the PHB open as possible. This is why there are 2 extra races and only Gnomes are missing from the PHB. There are other races in the world that can be suitable for PCs, …

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Shadows of Caedria: Overview

This is the final version of the first page of my player’s guide for my setting. It is intended to provide a basic understanding of the setting and what the player’s can expect in games as well as keep my ideas focussed as I add details and build campaigns. Genre:  Heroic Fantasy Core Ethos Sentence: …

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Wyrmgears: Draconic Keepers of Time

As part of their first Kickstarter Reaper Miniatures produced a model of a clockwork dragon and this presents my interpretation of the model for 5E DnD. Wyrmgear In the infinities of the Astral Sea there is a domain of order, Mechanus the plane of gears. On this plane it is said all things have a perfect …

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Inspiring Characters

I have recently been having a conversation with one of the players at our store’s Hoard of the Dragon Queen game. It is a familiar conversation that I have had multiple times over the course of my years playing RPGs, I’ve been the person experiencing the frustration and the hearing the frustration. The conversation can …

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Saving Greenest

Like many of you I have been participating in the Adventurer’s League and in particular playing or dungeon mastering the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module. This was my first venture into the Encounters program, and to say it was not a smooth start on the journey would be an understatement. Administrative problems aside it …

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Encountering the Action

The Leaders are the only ones to determine if a significant encounter must take place, according to where they are taking the story, the Characters’ health condition, the progression of the scenario, and the available gaming time. As much as possible, combats should remain special moments, since making them too frequent can quickly render them …

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The Next Cosmology

The “Many Worlds of DnD” article by Mike Mearls came out today and unlike many responses I’ve seen I’m not particularly happy with the article. Mearls opens the meat of the article with the sentance “To begin with, we’re making some tweaks to the cosmology to reconcile the differences between various editions and worlds.” He …

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