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Revisiting Zanzer Tems Dungeon


Back near the start of October 2012, I posted on DailyEncounter that I was starting to rebuild Zanzer Tems dungeon from the Basic D&D starter set. I had an initial burst of activity on the project, doing 4 or 5 casts of each mould I own for about a week. And then I dropped my tub of …

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Rethinking My Monster Maths

I mostly play D&D 4e in the heroic tier, the character feel like they have just enough powers by level 6 to be suitably iconic heroes to the general population, and fights don’t drag on for hours and hours and hours. But still, over 4e’s lifespan, I’ve found myself wanting to make monsters more of …

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The Vice of Corruption

The 4e blackguard, introduced in Heroes of Shadow is one of my favourite classes to play. It’s nothing special as a striker, it deals minor amounts of damage compared to a slayer, scout or elementalist. I like it because of the concept, a heavily armoured paladin who has embraced evil and is empowered by the …

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Thieves Tricks

The Essentials classes for 4e tried to do some very different things from the original core of 4e. Classes like the Knight and Slayer took stances, a fairly uncommon power type, and made them central to the class, while the thief turned the rogue on it’s head by getting rid of attack powers and instead …

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Winter Is Coming: Frost Dwarves

Last year, I was proud to be a part of the Winter Is Coming blog carnival (, a week long series of articles from some of the finest in the RPG fan community related to both Game of Thrones and winter and the arctic in general. This year, Mark Meredith has taken up the mantle …

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Dressing up Zanzer Tem’s Dungeon

This is part two of my posts documenting my progress of building a 3d version of the classic Zanzer Tem’s dungeon. In this post, I want to talk about the moulds i’m using and how I’m aiming on giving the dungeon its own characteristics once i’m finished casting. Base – I’m using a fairly typical …

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Rebuilding Zanzer Tem’s Dungeon…


I got into D&D over 21 years ago purely by accident, when I sat in my brothers Isle of Dread game, pestering him to let me lay on the Sega Genesis. Months later, I was given the “New, Easy to Master” D&D  box set. This box, for Basic D&D, is TSR 1070, and was a …

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A late start to the “Classics Return” Blog Carnival

Gencon has been and gone, and i’m only just putting up the front page for the Classics Return blog carnival… I’m afraid to say that I failed the D&D community with this one, with a lack of support for the blog carnival, and a lack of effort on my behalf to get the items uploaded …

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A return to spell research and manipulation

The Making of an Arcane Hero The world of Nerath is one of incredible power. Arcane energies, the result of the worlds exposure to the Feywild, Shadowfell and Underdark have permeated the land, and those with the skill and knowledge can draw upon this force and shape it, binding it to their will, and crafting …

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A return of a classic ranger

The Daily Life of a Ranger “Within the city walls, Kergan was uncomfortable, the fmailiar sounds and smells of his forest home subverted by the raucous noise of the bustling marketplace and the stench of the open sewers. His visits to the city well infrequent and fortunately brief, he was here to collect the bounty …

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