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  3. REVIEW: The Devious Book of Fumbles & Crits: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement — April 30, 2013
  4. Midgard Bonus Bestiary — April 20, 2013
  5. Defenders of Midgard Released! — January 14, 2013

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Know Your Ally

We’ve all been there. The party have a carefully crafted plan that involves the PCs splitting up and one group waiting for the other group’s signal. And yet they players didn’t think to agree on what the signal was beforehand. Some DMs will hand-wave it and say “You’ve adventured together long enough that you would …

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Parasite Unseen

This post was originally going to be a submission to Kobold Quarterly. The Midgard Bestiary for 4E contained wonderful monsters that can threaten the lives of adventurers but like most 4E monsters, they are usually dealt with quickly. This article discusses parasites, tiny creatures that make up for their diminutive size by being a lingering …

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REVIEW: The Devious Book of Fumbles & Crits: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement

I attended the 4th UK Tweetup event on Saturday 16th March and was lucky enough to win this book in the raffle. Here is my review. Details 107 pages Colour cover art, non-colour illustrations inside the book. Price: £9.29 / $15.99 Link: US Amazon, UK Amazon This book aims to introduce consequences for PCs and …

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Midgard Bonus Bestiary

The last product that I contributed to for the 4e Midgard Kickstarter is available to buy on RPGNow for only $2.99 / £1.95. It already has a 5 star review and even though I may be biased I think 12 interesting fun monsters for such a small amount of cash is definitely value for money. …

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Defenders of Midgard Released!

The start of the year kicked off with a bit of a bang here at DailyEncounter towers. I finally got my copy of the Midgard Bestiary for 4E and was pleasantly surprised to see Rob Heinsoo had included my single contribution in his introduction to the book! Defenders of Midgard was released which ObsidianCrane (John) …

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Midgard 4E Bestiary

You may be sick of the word “Kickstarter”, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this post. A book that I contributed to (in a very small way, but I’ll take what I can!) has a Kickstarter. It is a Bestiary for 4E, containing 150 monsters, including classic monsters from the Midgard campaign world from …

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The Canyon Run

The Canyon Run Level 7 Encounter Introduction So far on DailyEncounter I have posted an encounter based on a scene from a TV show (Double Take), an encounter based on a scene from a book (Statues of Grellenwood) and so I thought I should post an encounter based on a scene from a film. So …

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The Statues of Grellonwood

Background This encounter is part 1 of 2. The second encounter will go up on the site next week. The village of Grellonwood is in peril. The Birthmoon river – usually a raging torrent of an inexhaustible supply of water – has dried up. Investigations by some villagers have revealed that upstream some Goblins are …

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Tension To Die For

As you likely know Mike Mearl’s brought up the dreaded save or die mechanic on the Legends & Lore column this week. This article gives the thoughts of @paulbaalham and @obsidiancrane about this matter. Save or have no fun? The classic argument against save or die is that save or die effects are not fun. …

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The Awakening

View more art by Symatt here   Background Caraluk, Strider of the Planes was a powerful Primordial before the Dawn War, so powerful was she, that the Gods were unable to kill her outright. Instead they used a ritual to split the source of her power into three segments. The Gods tied each segment to …

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