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Know Your Ally

We’ve all been there. The party have a carefully crafted plan that involves the PCs splitting up and one group waiting for the other group’s signal. And yet they players didn’t think to agree on what the signal was beforehand. Some DMs will hand-wave it and say “You’ve adventured together long enough that you would …

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Encountering the Action

The Leaders are the only ones to determine if a significant encounter must take place, according to where they are taking the story, the Characters’ health condition, the progression of the scenario, and the available gaming time. As much as possible, combats should remain special moments, since making them too frequent can quickly render them …

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New Beginnings For An Old Game

So I’ve been very quite for a while, my main participation in the hobby has been painting miniatures, however the time is coming for me to start making a campaign again and to begin putting things in order for doing that with the goal of starting the campaign in December this year or January. So …

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REVIEW: The Devious Book of Fumbles & Crits: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement

I attended the 4th UK Tweetup event on Saturday 16th March and was lucky enough to win this book in the raffle. Here is my review. Details 107 pages Colour cover art, non-colour illustrations inside the book. Price: £9.29 / $15.99 Link: US Amazon, UK Amazon This book aims to introduce consequences for PCs and …

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Creatures of the Mos Shuuta Valley

Bantha This highly adaptable species is one of the most commonly found herd creatures, living wild on many worlds, and domesticated for agricultural and pastoral use on many of the major inhabited worlds. Bantha have the ability to survive in harsh, unforgiving environments  they live on minuscule amounts of food and water given their size, and they naturally store the …

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A Who’s Who of Mos Shuuta

Ardun Du’gren – Dim-U Preacher It’s easy to ignore the wld arm waving gesticulations, and almost incomprehensible shouting of Ardun, a human follower of the Dim-U faith. These fanatics believe in the sanctity of the bantha, and worship a mother goddess creature, the mighty bantha, the horned one. By day, Ardun wanders the Mos Shuuta …

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The Wider Mos Shuuta Area

The lands around the Mos Shuuta mesa may, at first glance, just look like the rest of Tatooine… arid, featureless desert, but like the rest of the planet, looks can be very deceiving. The Mos Shuuta mesa is a rocky outcropping, roughly 500m by 1000 metres in size, in a roughly kidney shaped formation, formed …

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More Mos Shuuta Locations

I really enjoyed writing the earlier extra locations for Mos Shuuta, and I knew there was more I could do with the mesa… Surveillance Bunker Beyond a vague customs presence, and the imperial appointed spaceport overseer, Brynn, the Empire has very little influence in Mos Shuuta, leaving it to Teemo and his Gammorrean guards to maintain piece. …

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Expanding Mos Shuuta

The new Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginners Game comes with a wonderful mini map of Mos Shuuta the setting for the box sets introduction game. Walking you through the games innovative use of dice, it pretty much railroads you into going to 4 locations in order to complete the adventure and escape the …

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Rethinking My Monster Maths

I mostly play D&D 4e in the heroic tier, the character feel like they have just enough powers by level 6 to be suitably iconic heroes to the general population, and fights don’t drag on for hours and hours and hours. But still, over 4e’s lifespan, I’ve found myself wanting to make monsters more of …

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