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Contemplating Creation Part V: Around The World (1 of 2)

As I mentioned back at the start of these articles, the catalyst for this process (just like many great adventures) was my discovery of an old map I had drawn. I had a general idea of what the world was like, but I’d need something more clear in my head if I wanted to be …

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Contemplating Creation Part IV: On Fathoming the Fae

I knew going in to this creation process that the fae were going to play a big part of my world. They are a big part of that feeling of awe and magic that I like about medieval mythology. I started out wanting to totally transform the fey in D&D to something more like you’d …

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Contemplating Creation Part III: Regarding The Nature of Cosmology

I had originally planned to construct a unique pantheon of deities for this world I was building, but when I rediscovered it and made the decision to basically overlay the D&D core world with it, it seemed much more expedient to just borrow the gods of 4e. I needed them to mesh with the themes …

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Contemplating Creation: On Races & Classes

In Part II, I briefly talked about eliminating certain classes and races from my campaign world. I’m trying to keep these entries short and easily digestible, and as such I left out the exact details of why I made the choices that I did. While chatting with hyperform and WolfSamurai in the 4e D&D channel …

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Contemplating Creation, Part II: Adjusting & Detailing PC Options

Last week I began explaining how I approached PC races in my homebrew campaign. Allow me a tangent that will help explain part of my thought process going forward. I have long been a fan of the Dragonlance campaign setting, which is well known for being a bit quirky: there are no drow, no orcs, …

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Contemplating Creation, Part I: In Which There Are Dwarves and Elves

Around the end of 2010, I was in the middle of guiding my D&D group back from an unexpected excursion to the astral in the Forgotten Realms when the game hit a bit of a bump in the proverbial road. Given the opportunity to start anew, I seized the chance to pitch something different to …

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