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New Beginnings For An Old Game

So I’ve been very quite for a while, my main participation in the hobby has been painting miniatures, however the time is coming for me to start making a campaign again and to begin putting things in order for doing that with the goal of starting the campaign in December this year or January. So …

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The Pearl of Trethari

Long ago where the great Durnwood Forest rises into the Crystal Mountains there lived an elven wizard. Some legends say that he was an eladrin and dwelled in the feywild and his doom brought him to the mortal world. Regardless all the legends agree that his name was Estarias and that he was a mage …

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Winter’s Reach Campaign Outline

Presented as part of the Winter is Coming Blog Carnival. This is a long post that presents in rough notes my Winter’s Reach campaign as it stands. The campaign started with 1 plot arc, and that was expanded and forked over time as more ideas came to me and more 4E content was developed and …

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Winter’s Reach: Silverfang’s Lair

The air is chill, and natural light shines out of the cave… Encounter Level 3 (750 xp) At A Glance This room gleams with light reflected from ice and snow. The cavern is split nearly in half by an ice slicked ledge of at least 5ft. Slick ice is visible around the room.. Ice covered …

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Winter’s Reach: Jargesh’s Treasure

This room is clean, holding 2 statues and a small alter with a chest on top of it…. Encounter Level 1 (375 xp) In my home campaign the adventure after this was B7 Rahasia, and it was here that the Heroic Tier villain hid the Black Opal from that module to ensure the co-operation of …

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Winter’s Reach: Orc Barracks

“Cursing in common can be heard through the door, and shouts of pain…” Encounter Level 1 (500XP) A simple encounter to reinforce the story point that goblins and orcs are working together, and that the orcs are pushing the goblins around. Much of the danger of the encounter rests on the orcs toughness and accuracy …

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Winter’s Reach: The Room of Rats

“You hear the squeak of, is it a multitude of rats…” Encounter Level 1 (400xp) In the Winter’s Reach campaign the goblins that live near the starting location use rats as pets, and dire rats and such as guard animals usually. This room is where they keep and breed their rats. Room At A Glance …

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Winter’s Reach – Hall of Corellon

“Defaced statues march in twin columns down this filth covered room…” Encounter Level 2 (700xp) This is the first encounter inside a goblin lair, and is set up assuming the alarm was not raised (so nothing comes immediately to the monster’s aid) and is intended to give the PCs a choice at its conclusion. The …

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Winter’s Reach – Outside the Lair

Outside Taslatia Temple no Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) After the Attack on Tralvaile the PCs should have been attacked on The Road to Taslatia until at last they reach the entry to the goblin’s lair where they expect to find the kidnapped girl. Unfortunately due to the actions of Baldwin and Faustine, and the goblin’s own participation in the …

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Winter’s Reach – The Road to Taslatia

On the Way to Taslaita with Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) Once the PCs and the villagers had driven off the orcs in Winter’s Reach – Attack on Tralvaile they learn that the daughter of the village’s leader (Chief Caladar Man’Morth in my game) has been captured by the invaders and taken away. Baldwin and Faustine both express concern over this, it …

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