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Encounters for characters in the Heroic Tier (Level 1-10).

The Canyon Run

The Canyon Run Level 7 Encounter Introduction So far on DailyEncounter I have posted an encounter based on a scene from a TV show (Double Take), an encounter based on a scene from a book (Statues of Grellenwood) and so I thought I should post an encounter based on a scene from a film. So …

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The Statues of Grellonwood

Background This encounter is part 1 of 2. The second encounter will go up on the site next week. The village of Grellonwood is in peril. The Birthmoon river – usually a raging torrent of an inexhaustible supply of water – has dried up. Investigations by some villagers have revealed that upstream some Goblins are …

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Black Frost Rooftop Battle

Encounter area for Black Frost

“The ice covered rooftop, the roaring wind and the creatures glistening with frost are the only things standing between you and stopping the wizard from finishing his ritual.” Encounter Level 4 (925XP) This was the finale of the first D&D adventure I ever ran. The goal of the encounter is to stop the ritual from …

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Winter’s Reach: Silverfang’s Lair

The air is chill, and natural light shines out of the cave… Encounter Level 3 (750 xp) At A Glance This room gleams with light reflected from ice and snow. The cavern is split nearly in half by an ice slicked ledge of at least 5ft. Slick ice is visible around the room.. Ice covered …

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Winter’s Reach: Jargesh’s Treasure

This room is clean, holding 2 statues and a small alter with a chest on top of it…. Encounter Level 1 (375 xp) In my home campaign the adventure after this was B7 Rahasia, and it was here that the Heroic Tier villain hid the Black Opal from that module to ensure the co-operation of …

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Winter’s Reach: Orc Barracks

“Cursing in common can be heard through the door, and shouts of pain…” Encounter Level 1 (500XP) A simple encounter to reinforce the story point that goblins and orcs are working together, and that the orcs are pushing the goblins around. Much of the danger of the encounter rests on the orcs toughness and accuracy …

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Winter’s Reach: The Room of Rats

“You hear the squeak of, is it a multitude of rats…” Encounter Level 1 (400xp) In the Winter’s Reach campaign the goblins that live near the starting location use rats as pets, and dire rats and such as guard animals usually. This room is where they keep and breed their rats. Room At A Glance …

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Double Take

Encounter Level 7 (1,800XP) This encounter was inspired by an episode of Angel (which Summer Glau guest stars in). A “wizard” had conjured up some goons and each time one of them died, it would split in two and each of the new goons would carry on fighting. However, the more goons there were, the …

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Storm Over White River Crossing

By paulbaalham and SuperFrogWoman Overview This encounter sees the PCs tackle a series of complexity 1 skill challenges in an effort to save the lives of villagers from a terrible storm (and their own stupidity and arrogance). The PCs are in the village of White River Crossing. They may be passing through the village just …

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Winter’s Reach: Goblin Throne

“A goblin lounges on a chair, and his guards ready weapons…” Encounter Level 2 (650xp) Another encounter from my home campaign, originally ran with the Goblin Hexer, but now using hte updated version the Goblin Hex Hurler mostly because the Hex Hurler’s Vexing Cloud is noticeably less vexing. Setting and Tone The high priest’s audience …

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