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Encounters of Level 1-3

Winter’s Reach – Outside the Lair

Outside Taslatia Temple no Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) After the Attack on Tralvaile the PCs should have been attacked on The Road to Taslatia until at last they reach the entry to the goblin’s lair where they expect to find the kidnapped girl. Unfortunately due to the actions of Baldwin and Faustine, and the goblin’s own participation in the …

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Winter’s Reach – The Road to Taslatia

On the Way to Taslaita with Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) Once the PCs and the villagers had driven off the orcs in Winter’s Reach – Attack on Tralvaile they learn that the daughter of the village’s leader (Chief Caladar Man’Morth in my game) has been captured by the invaders and taken away. Baldwin and Faustine both express concern over this, it …

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Winter’s Reach – Attack on Tralvaile

Outside the Drunken Duck with Tokens

Encounter Level 3 (600xp) This is the first encounter of my current home DnD game. The campaign assumes that the PCs have lived in the same small frontier village (Tralvaile) for at least a couple of years and thus have come to know each other. Their abilities make the valued members of the community, be …

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Something’s Burning!

Encounter Level 2 (125xp) Adapted from the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Legacy of Fire Part 1: Howl of the Carrion King. The first “encounter” in this adventure path pits the PCs against a fire raging in a desert camp. This presents how I ran it for my 4E version of the game. For those with access …

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In the Swamp the Undead Come…

Swamp the Undead Rule

Encounter level 3 (724xp) Sorry didn’t go back and do the battle skill challenge for the last encounter. Instead I present the current encounter from one of my play-by-post games. The PCs are exploring an undead infested swamp in search of herbs and while they have managed to avoid the truly dangerous undead some of …

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A Thorny Room

A Thorny Problem Map

Encounter Level 2 (625xp) This encounter is suitable for use in any underground location where the area above is natural woodlands, or perhaps tainted woodlands. Brysthal might well be luring woodsmen to their deaths for example after her tree was cut down above trapping her in its root system. Like yesterday’s encounter this encounter was …

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Ninja Attack

Doppleganger Leader

Encounter Level 3 (800xp) As you move down the street escorting your charge, from the shadows of two alleys figures emerge. They have blades drawn and they leap to attack…. The PCs are protecting and individual (ideally an apparently innocent girl or their current patron, or both in one person) and leading them through a …

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Zombies at Dusk

Zombies at Dusk

Encounter Level 3 (800xp) In this encounter the characters arrive at a  large village to find a ghost town, and soon they encounter a shambling horde of zombies and their cultist controller. As the PCs approach the settlement: The sun is setting all to quickly tonight, hidden behind heavy clouds that rumble ominously with thunder. …

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At the Drunken Knight Inn

The Drunken Knight Map

Encounter Level 2 (600 xp) Text to be read or paraphrased to the players is in italics. The PCs are staying in a roadside inn (or perhaps in a settlement that comes under attack) called the Drunken Knight. The encounter can start with the PCs resting during the night or perhaps still relaxing after a …

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