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Encounters of Level 1-3

Caravan Attack

“Suddenly from over the dunes come raiders…” Encounter Level 4 (900xp) I am running this encounter in one of my play-by-post games, the PCs started as first level slaves locked in a cage! After breaking out from the cage they were still unarmed (except 1 who had a cage bar to use as a quarterstaff) …

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A Frosty Encounter

“Frosted spider webs span this clearing…” Encounter Level 6 (1300xp) The first combat encounter from the module I wrote for the UKDnDTweetup. The module uses a number of elements from materials publsihed by WotC, in particular the Goblins in this (and the other encounters) are motivated by their connection to the Nachtur Goblin Empire mentioned …

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A Walk Through the Spiderwoods.

A Walk Through the Spiderwoods No Tokens

Encounter Level 4 (880xp without Deathjump Spider) As you enter this part of the woods the canopy above thickens and the area darkens.  Looking up you can make out the outlines of spiders scurrying about, attending to their business.  It might be prudent to pass through this area quickly, but quietly. This encounter is the …

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The Summoning of Castarprax


Encounter Level 6 (1325 xp) Recently on twitter Chris Sims and a few others were talking about using Solos in encoutners, in particular looking to generate advice about such encounters. This encounter is a result of my pondering that, and also thinking about movies. It is unabashadly inspred by the first Tomb Raider movie and …

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Investigating the Fire

Encounter Level 4 (350 xp) Skill Challenges are not supposed to stop the characters from progressing in the story but rather make it harder for them to do so if they are failed, and in this skill challenge it is important that the PCs gather all the information that is available, and so the question …

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On the Forest Trail

On A Forest Trail Splash

Encounter Level 4 (850 xp) This is a simple bandit attack on a road from one city to another. However the tactics of the monsters can be applied at different tiers as they are mostly dependent on the terrain and having artillery monsters firing from a high position into the combat. Feel free to change …

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Kazathix’s Curse

Kazathis Curse Map

Encounter Level 4 (850 xp) Note this encounter was first created (by me) for the Ramshackle Dungeon project on the WotC Community Boards. You can join the group here. It has been adjusted to fit with the Through Ruined Sewers encounter presented yesterday. If you use it with that encounter remember that some PCs may start …

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Through Ruined Sewers

Encounter Level 4 (350xp) The characters follow leads, or chase a small enemy to the sewers in an old ruin (or perhaps in a city). Here they must navigate the sewers to reach the lair of their quarry without suffering the effects of the sewer’s hazards, or alerting their quarry. The narrow shaft descends 30′ …

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To the Rescue

To The Rescue Map

Encounter Level 5 (1000xp) Taerin Man’Brynn (Human, Female, Aged 18) has been kidnapped and the PCs have been tasked with recovering her before something happens to her. Tracking the kidnappers to their warehouse hideout the PCs are able to scout the building which appears to be dark within, and has only 2 entrances. The PCs …

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The Guard’s Bar (Fight)

Encounter Level 4 (350xp) There is the possibility of a paying job that suits your talents, all you need to do is go to the Soothing Draught and meet with Tashard this evening. Of course things are never so easy… Tashard is a merchant who needs a few small items carried to another settlement for …

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