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Encounters of Level 7-10

The Canyon Run

The Canyon Run Level 7 Encounter Introduction So far on DailyEncounter I have posted an encounter based on a scene from a TV show (Double Take), an encounter based on a scene from a book (Statues of Grellenwood) and so I thought I should post an encounter based on a scene from a film. So …

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The Statues of Grellonwood

Background This encounter is part 1 of 2. The second encounter will go up on the site next week. The village of Grellonwood is in peril. The Birthmoon river – usually a raging torrent of an inexhaustible supply of water – has dried up. Investigations by some villagers have revealed that upstream some Goblins are …

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Double Take

Encounter Level 7 (1,800XP) This encounter was inspired by an episode of Angel (which Summer Glau guest stars in). A “wizard” had conjured up some goons and each time one of them died, it would split in two and each of the new goons would carry on fighting. However, the more goons there were, the …

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A Cauldron of Frost

“A faint blue light glitters from the ice that covers the walls…” Encounter Level 8 (1700xp) The third and final combat encounter of the UKDnDTweetup adventure. In this encounter the PCs confront the two masterminds behind the goblins and discover the evil artifact that is the source of the goblin’s frost powers. In looking at …

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A Frosty Cave Entrance

“The mouth of the cave is rimmed with ice…” Encounter Level 7 (1500xp) The second combat encounter in my UKDnDTweetup module, this is the entrance to the monster lair. A major feature of this area is the ice, and how monsters and characters can slide around on the ice, and the advantage creatures with ice …

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The Stench of Poison

The Stench of Poison with Tokens

“Suddenly the road before you collapses, and people scream…” Encounter: Level 10 (2700xp) I asked on the Masterplan Facebook discussion boards for ideas on what levels people wanted to see encounters for and one person said he wanted high heroic encounters for a campaign featuring cultists of Zahir and reptiles, then I saw the preview …

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The Mad Troll

Mad Troll Encounter With Tokens

Encounter Level 10 (2200xp) This encounter is from my home game, and is one the party has when they go out to cause trouble for an approaching army. In essence through their actions and the actions of some NPCs that they are working with the initial plans of an Orc Chieftain have been foiled, and …

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Madness of Malapraxith

Madness of Malapraxith Clean

Encounter Level 10 (2850xp) Malapraxith was a proud young red dragon, he believed in the power of his own might based on his experience cowing lesser creatures, and even eating a few unwise adventurers. So when the opportunity to explore the Feywild presented itself he took the opportunity, figuring that it would give him a …

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Vengeance Served RED!

Vengeance Served RED Clear

Encounter Level 10 (2400xp) This encounter is drawn from one of my games, and it demonstrates a few ideas: Sometimes the biggest thing isn’t the most dangerous. Sometimes hiding in a building gets you a turn or two (or hide your minions to mess up the back ranks). Using players as soccer balls is funny…  …

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