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Encounters for characters in the Heroic Tier (Level 1-10).

Caravan Attack

“Suddenly from over the dunes come raiders…” Encounter Level 4 (900xp) I am running this encounter in one of my play-by-post games, the PCs started as first level slaves locked in a cage! After breaking out from the cage they were still unarmed (except 1 who had a cage bar to use as a quarterstaff) …

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Winter’s Reach – Hall of Corellon

“Defaced statues march in twin columns down this filth covered room…” Encounter Level 2 (700xp) This is the first encounter inside a goblin lair, and is set up assuming the alarm was not raised (so nothing comes immediately to the monster’s aid) and is intended to give the PCs a choice at its conclusion. The …

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A Cauldron of Frost

“A faint blue light glitters from the ice that covers the walls…” Encounter Level 8 (1700xp) The third and final combat encounter of the UKDnDTweetup adventure. In this encounter the PCs confront the two masterminds behind the goblins and discover the evil artifact that is the source of the goblin’s frost powers. In looking at …

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A Frosty Cave Entrance

“The mouth of the cave is rimmed with ice…” Encounter Level 7 (1500xp) The second combat encounter in my UKDnDTweetup module, this is the entrance to the monster lair. A major feature of this area is the ice, and how monsters and characters can slide around on the ice, and the advantage creatures with ice …

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A Frosty Encounter

“Frosted spider webs span this clearing…” Encounter Level 6 (1300xp) The first combat encounter from the module I wrote for the UKDnDTweetup. The module uses a number of elements from materials publsihed by WotC, in particular the Goblins in this (and the other encounters) are motivated by their connection to the Nachtur Goblin Empire mentioned …

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Goblin Lair Assault

Goblin Assault With Tokens

“Beyond a stream and some rocks, partially concealed by trees, lies a cave. You glimpse goblins at the entrance.” Encounter Level 6 (1225xp) This encounter was the second one I ran on the DnD Virtual Table, and it was taken on by 4 first level PCs, one less than it is designed for, and truth …

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A Walk Through the Spiderwoods.

A Walk Through the Spiderwoods No Tokens

Encounter Level 4 (880xp without Deathjump Spider) As you enter this part of the woods the canopy above thickens and the area darkens.  Looking up you can make out the outlines of spiders scurrying about, attending to their business.  It might be prudent to pass through this area quickly, but quietly. This encounter is the …

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The Stench of Poison

The Stench of Poison with Tokens

“Suddenly the road before you collapses, and people scream…” Encounter: Level 10 (2700xp) I asked on the Masterplan Facebook discussion boards for ideas on what levels people wanted to see encounters for and one person said he wanted high heroic encounters for a campaign featuring cultists of Zahir and reptiles, then I saw the preview …

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Winter’s Reach – Outside the Lair

Outside Taslatia Temple no Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) After the Attack on Tralvaile the PCs should have been attacked on The Road to Taslatia until at last they reach the entry to the goblin’s lair where they expect to find the kidnapped girl. Unfortunately due to the actions of Baldwin and Faustine, and the goblin’s own participation in the …

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Winter’s Reach – The Road to Taslatia

On the Way to Taslaita with Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) Once the PCs and the villagers had driven off the orcs in Winter’s Reach – Attack on Tralvaile they learn that the daughter of the village’s leader (Chief Caladar Man’Morth in my game) has been captured by the invaders and taken away. Baldwin and Faustine both express concern over this, it …

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