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Know Your Ally

We’ve all been there. The party have a carefully crafted plan that involves the PCs splitting up and one group waiting for the other group’s signal. And yet they players didn’t think to agree on what the signal was beforehand. Some DMs will hand-wave it and say “You’ve adventured together long enough that you would …

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Racial Variant: Baaz Draconian

This months Dragon magazine from WotC say the return of Krynn’s draconians, portrayed for D&D 4e through the use of racial variants for the Dragonborn race. Presented in the article were the Bozak (magic using) and Kapak (stealthy, acidic) draconians. Other the next few days, it’s my intention to write up the missing racial types. …

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The Vice of Corruption

The 4e blackguard, introduced in Heroes of Shadow is one of my favourite classes to play. It’s nothing special as a striker, it deals minor amounts of damage compared to a slayer, scout or elementalist. I like it because of the concept, a heavily armoured paladin who has embraced evil and is empowered by the …

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Thieves Tricks

The Essentials classes for 4e tried to do some very different things from the original core of 4e. Classes like the Knight and Slayer took stances, a fairly uncommon power type, and made them central to the class, while the thief turned the rogue on it’s head by getting rid of attack powers and instead …

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Winter Is Coming: Frost Dwarves

Last year, I was proud to be a part of the Winter Is Coming blog carnival (, a week long series of articles from some of the finest in the RPG fan community related to both Game of Thrones and winter and the arctic in general. This year, Mark Meredith has taken up the mantle …

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Giff Return

The Giff by Richard Green, illustrations by Symatt Of all the fantastic campaign settings published by TSR in the early 90s, Spelljammer is definitely in my top 3 (along with Planescape and Al-Qadim). The concept of the swashbuckling pirate-adventurer standing on the deck of her hammership as it sails through space towards a distant asteroid …

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Racial Items

As with the weapon materials post, this is a reposting of some of my older material, but ties into some upcoming work. One of the things that disappointed me about the selection of weapon and armour in D&D is the lack of any items that are linked to specific races. For example, you would think …

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Weapon Materials

This is a reposting of some of my older material, but given a few of the materials on the list tie into some upcoming work i’m doing, I thought people might like to see it again. Weapons in D&D are, unless otherwise stated, presumed to be made from forged metal, heated, shaped, strengthened. The rapid …

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Shardmind Utilities

Shard Minds… Beings of pure thought enrgy, given form and life by the destruction of the Living Gate. These beings are alien in nature, from their crystaline appearance, to their distant gaze and lack of emotional response, and struggle to fit into a world where the common races have banded together for protection. Many shardminds …

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Making D&D 4e go BANG!

Some more 4e content for you, with thanks to @AbsentDM who did a lot of the initial work on these. Firearms in D&D 4e Or why you never want to end up toe to toe with a Blunderbuss! For many society’s once gunpowder is invented its the beginning of a slippery slope. In the magical …

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