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Character ideas for use, all of which can be adapted for use as NPCs.

Lady Kristryl Brightsilver

Lady Kristryl is the second child of the Brightsilver family, and in her parents view a feckless and fey youth given to wandering aimlessly. She is undeniably a beautiful dwarven lass, a rare treasure in that regard, but at the same time she has been marked by Kord and is infused with sorcerous powers, especially …

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Carrial: Sword and Arrow Fighter

Please upgrade your browser This character has been around for a little while, and I recently tweaked him to update for some of the changes that came with Essentials, the material that inspired him in the first place. Carrial is intended to be a more “classic” fighter, using a bow and arrow, but also fighting …

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2 Characters, 1 Inspiration

People often talk about how restricting 4E is for character creation something I don’t understand to be honest. In my last PC post I showed a character that took a particular concept and did something different with it, in this post I will show how two fundamentally different characters can reflect the same source of …

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Evie the Librarian

Please upgrade your browser So I watched The Mummy this evening and some of the characters have fairly obvious DnD analogues but it occurred to me that there was a way to make Evelyn the nervous, but beautiful librarian who ultimately drives the plot (such as it is) of the movie. She is all about …

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Althea goes DNDVT

Please upgrade your browser So I have entered the world of digital DnD formally now; I have played my first game on the DnD Virtual Table Closed Beta (DnDVT). For me, as a person who is always having some character idea the DnDVT offers something that has particular draw; the chance to test character ideas …

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Faerema Greyrobe: Drow Monk


Please upgrade your browser So today I painted a miniature in order to try and demonstrate something on twitter, strange things we do, and this is the result. The miniature is from AEG’s Clan War line now produced under license by Valiant Miniatures she is a Dragon Clan Ise Zumi, though unfortunately she isn’t a …

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Kat Mystifer Entrancing Mystique

Adler from Sherlock Holmes (2010)

Please upgrade your browser “To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex.” (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Scandal in Bohemia) Those words are the opening description of Irene Adler, who I (at …

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Sha-Karn Assault Swordmage

(C) WotC

Please upgrade your browser This character grew out of a discussion on Twitter with @cintain about the sorts of characters people like to play. I said I had 2 or more characters for each class (yes I love tinkering with builds) and that I drew inspiration from all sorts of places; art, miniatures & crunch …

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Lia Moonbow

Please upgrade your browser I love playing around with the character builder just for the fun of it, unfortunately this means I end up with a huge array of character builds not all of whom I’ll ever bother with creating a background etc for, and the vast majority of which I’ll never, ever, get to …

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Shawna Lestorm

Shawna Lestorm (Artist unkown - comment if you know)

Please upgrade your browser Name:Shawna Lestorm Race: Human Class:  Sorcerer Height: 5’ 6” Weight: 145lb. Age: 26 Hair: Platinum Blonde Eyes: blue Complexion: lightly  tanned [Full Character Sheet on iplay4e] Background: Shawna was what might best be described as a curious child, perhaps adventurous, though her mother often had far harsher words for the girl. …

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