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Thoughts on the game, and how the mechanics influence the choices available to players.

Called Shots in 4E

I’ve enjoyed hanging out over at GameFiend’s IRC chat room and the other day there was a particularly interesting discussion about Called Shots in 4E D&D. I started this conversation by asking what people would change ruleswise in 4E and among the comments I received, ObsidianCrane (from this blog) said that he would codify more …

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Aspects of LFR

Some (all?) of you are no doubt aware of the Dresden Files RPG and how it has some very cool ideas in it for running games in general. Some of you may be familiar with the “Rewards Cards” from the RPGA for use in their living campaigns, of which Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) is the …

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20 Questions

Recently Chris Simms asked “What do you know about your #dnd character? Favorite color? Birthday? More? Less? What?” on Twitter, and this got me thinking about these sorts of questions and how I develop a character. My characters tend to develop on an ad hoc basis, as they are forced to make decisions or answer …

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Expertise isn't Boring!

Nor is it a math fix. Oooh two heresies in two sentances. Interesting? I’ll start with the titular one, that the expertise feats are not boring. The first thing is to understand that the idea of them being “boring” is based around what they do – grant a bonus to hit, and nothing else. This …

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More About Defending

Yesterday I wrote quite a bit of general thoughts on playing a defender, and today I thought I would add some specific examples to illustrate those points. Before going into the examples it is important to understand that there are different environments you can be playing a character in and that those environments greatly affect …

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Thoughts on Defenders

Everyone wants their character to shine, and a good DM can give every character their chance, but it isn’t just the DM’s responsibility. As a player you need to be prepared to do your part as well for making your character get their moment. This is always easier to do as your mastery of the …

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