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The Pearl of Trethari

Long ago where the great Durnwood Forest rises into the Crystal Mountains there lived an elven wizard. Some legends say that he was an eladrin and dwelled in the feywild and his doom brought him to the mortal world. Regardless all the legends agree that his name was Estarias and that he was a mage …

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Loot is a key part of the gaming experience. Its role is ever so eloquently summarised in the maxim “kill stuff & take its loot”.  RPGs dress things up, they put the trappings of story around that, but in doing so they ensure that loot is often part of that story; be it the magic …

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Art Objects

The second part of Rich Greens article… Art Objects Art objects are listed at 250 gp, 1,500 gp, 2,500 gp, 7,500 gp, 15,000 gp and 50,000 gp values. As with the gems, some of the items below are worth less or more than these values – in these cases, two or three items have been …

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Lighting up the World

Torches, all adventurers carry them, a few even have DM’s who force them to keep track of who is using them, but other than being an item in your adventurers toolkit, now one really gives them any thought. Except maybe dwarves. Dwarves have to rely on these inexpensive methods of lighting their great mining complexes …

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Glittering Prizes

Todays guest post is from Rich Green, renowned for his work on 4e monsters for Open Design. I’ve split it in 2, so the next part, covering art objects will be published on the 31st. Glittering Prizes: 4e treasure made more memorable by Richard Green, At the Sign of the Green Man (   The …

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Berymar Dragonbane

Berymar Dragonbane Stats

Berymar Dragonbane is an enigma, tucked away in a back alley of Fallcrest, and rarely seen to leave the hovel, the collection of barrels and boxes, and shreds of fabric that he calls his shop. And yet, he has to hand a variety of mundane and magical items that demonstrate the wealth and contacts that …

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Antiquity Seeker Theme

The following is a Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition theme, taking inspiration from Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones. Antiquity Seeker While all adventurers seek out treasure, and thieves and rogues sneak around stealing from peoples pockets and disabling traps. But there are a few heroes who do not simply kill and pillage, and instead take …

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The Bones of Orcus


The cacophony of noise seemed somehow to be more deafening because the battle was raging at night. The clash of blades and the anguished screams of pain filled the air, as the adventurers hacked their way through zombies, skeletons and wraiths to get closer to their goal: Orcus. Eventually the avdenturers and their henchman got …

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Berymar’s Bazaar

Situated off the main market square, beyond the gypsy peddlers and the halfling fire ale merchants drunk on their own wares, is a dirty, decrepit stall, one side always looking like it’s about to collapse. In front of it sit’s a old, battered and scarred dwarf, with a shock of bright red hair. Getting closer …

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The Key of Neverwinter

I’m pleased to welcome @Brindy, one of Scotlands finest D&D players to the Got Loot blogfest. I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with Brindy, and you should definately check out the work he’s done to take iPlay4e into a proper iOS app. Without further ado, I’ll let Brindy present to you… The Key of Neverwinter …

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