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Back to Basics

A few weeks ago, my homebrew campaign was starting to feel like the gears were struggling to turn, plot-wise. Trying to make things work was becoming less fun and more like, well, work. Based on some communication I’d had with my players, I decided that the best way to deal with this was to put …

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Review: The City Tile Set

Today I got the city tile set, and like most I promptly tore the wrapper off , disposed of the slip case, and plowed right in. This is probably the most unheralded product from the Essentials line, 1 limited preview, no unboxing video, nothing, so I thought I might share some thoughts. The Good: Firstly …

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Essentially OK

I have been reading through Essentials products as I have been able to get them. Finally having received my copy of Heroes if the Fallen Lands I feel I have enough information on Essentials to make meaningful judgments. The products I have are: Red Box, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, DM’s Kit, Master Tile Set …

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