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Trollhound: Level 5 Soldier

The first in what I intend to be an ongoing series of posts, each of which will feature a monster that originally appeared in Dragon Magazine in either 2E or 3E format (or possibly both). Due to copyright I will not reproduce the whole original article, but will supply enough information to use the monsters. …

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A Frosty Encounter

“Frosted spider webs span this clearing…” Encounter Level 6 (1300xp) The first combat encounter from the module I wrote for the UKDnDTweetup. The module uses a number of elements from materials publsihed by WotC, in particular the Goblins in this (and the other encounters) are motivated by their connection to the Nachtur Goblin Empire mentioned …

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Goblin Lair Assault

Goblin Assault With Tokens

“Beyond a stream and some rocks, partially concealed by trees, lies a cave. You glimpse goblins at the entrance.” Encounter Level 6 (1225xp) This encounter was the second one I ran on the DnD Virtual Table, and it was taken on by 4 first level PCs, one less than it is designed for, and truth …

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And They All Fell Down

Last weekend, I killed some of my friends. It wasn’t something I had planned on doing. They made a decision I hadn’t expected and my reaction to the action they took killed them. Perhaps they had it coming. They were often, frequently impetuous and rash. They rarely took the time to evaluate potentially dangerous situations, …

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The Climactic Battle


Recently my game finished the heroic tier, and I wanted to finish it with something big. The campaign, to a large extent, resolved around the slow build of a confrontation between a tribe of orcs and the main defense of the civilized lands where the PCs originated from. In essence if the orcs were not …

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A Walk Through the Spiderwoods.

A Walk Through the Spiderwoods No Tokens

Encounter Level 4 (880xp without Deathjump Spider) As you enter this part of the woods the canopy above thickens and the area darkens.  Looking up you can make out the outlines of spiders scurrying about, attending to their business.  It might be prudent to pass through this area quickly, but quietly. This encounter is the …

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Cyclops Shaker

The Cyclops Shaker is a simple brute that provides a powerful foe from the Feywild to support other heroic tier fey creatures or as a “filler” for a high heroic or low paragon encounter where the spotlight monster is something more powerful from the Feywild. (Note damage may be to low according to MM3 expressions.)

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