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Parasite Unseen

This post was originally going to be a submission to Kobold Quarterly. The Midgard Bestiary for 4E contained wonderful monsters that can threaten the lives of adventurers but like most 4E monsters, they are usually dealt with quickly. This article discusses parasites, tiny creatures that make up for their diminutive size by being a lingering …

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Winter’s Reach: Jargesh’s Treasure

This room is clean, holding 2 statues and a small alter with a chest on top of it…. Encounter Level 1 (375 xp) In my home campaign the adventure after this was B7 Rahasia, and it was here that the Heroic Tier villain hid the Black Opal from that module to ensure the co-operation of …

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On the Edge of the Shadowfell – Part 3

Kazatels Throne with Tokens Revised

Encounter Level 12 (3500xp) Rather than repeat all of the relevant information you can read the plot outline for this delve here: On the Edge of the Shadowfell – Part 1, and you can find the second part here. After I went all sissy DM on them last session, and they escaped with the corpse …

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On the Edge of the Shadowfell – Part 1

The Great Hall With Tokens

Encounter Level 11 (2350xp) In the Fire & Ice encounter there was a small set of stairs leading down into darkness. In my campaign those stairs lead into the ruins of a dwarven town sacked hundreds of years ago by a force commanded by giants. Since then the complex has been considered haunted and is …

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Winter’s Reach – Outside the Lair

Outside Taslatia Temple no Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) After the Attack on Tralvaile the PCs should have been attacked on The Road to Taslatia until at last they reach the entry to the goblin’s lair where they expect to find the kidnapped girl. Unfortunately due to the actions of Baldwin and Faustine, and the goblin’s own participation in the …

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Winter’s Reach – The Road to Taslatia

On the Way to Taslaita with Tokens

Encounter Level 2 (550xp) Once the PCs and the villagers had driven off the orcs in Winter’s Reach – Attack on Tralvaile they learn that the daughter of the village’s leader (Chief Caladar Man’Morth in my game) has been captured by the invaders and taken away. Baldwin and Faustine both express concern over this, it …

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Winter’s Reach – Attack on Tralvaile

Outside the Drunken Duck with Tokens

Encounter Level 3 (600xp) This is the first encounter of my current home DnD game. The campaign assumes that the PCs have lived in the same small frontier village (Tralvaile) for at least a couple of years and thus have come to know each other. Their abilities make the valued members of the community, be …

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Fire & Ice

Fire Hound

Encounter Level 11 (2400xp) “You are wasting time pursuing Baldwin,” the voice that utters these words is deep and carries a weight beyond its low volume. “Yes my Lord,” Answers the half-orc sorcerer Jargesh who kneels before the unknown speaker. “These others, the children of Tralvaile and their allies, they are causing your plans to …

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The Mad Troll

Mad Troll Encounter With Tokens

Encounter Level 10 (2200xp) This encounter is from my home game, and is one the party has when they go out to cause trouble for an approaching army. In essence through their actions and the actions of some NPCs that they are working with the initial plans of an Orc Chieftain have been foiled, and …

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