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Midgard 4E Bestiary

You may be sick of the word “Kickstarter”, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this post. A book that I contributed to (in a very small way, but I’ll take what I can!) has a Kickstarter. It is a Bestiary for 4E, containing 150 monsters, including classic monsters from the Midgard campaign world from …

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Art: Epic Inspiration

Continuing with my discussion of art in DnD, this week I am taking a look at art for monsters and not just any old enemies but rather the sorts of epic threats that have been handled so poorly by DnD in the past (4E included). Epic Threats Epic threats need to be just that, epic. …

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Goons: One Line Monsters

4E is a game full of complexity. It is often complexity of the good sort, it makes the game more dynamic, challenging and exciting all of which are desirable. However sometimes things are a little too complex and something similar is desired. Looking at the 4E rules for PCs the answer is clearly found in …

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Durosh’kan and Allies

Scargath the Mad